SCWBI – Springmingle Time

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog on here. I’m really more of a Tumblr girl. I might change things up eventually, but who has time?

In writing news, I turned in the structural edits for SHADOW last week to my editor, and we squared that away. Now it’s gone on to copyedit, and I’ll be getting that back soon. Exciting!! I can’t wait to do an official cover reveal. (even though it’s already up on Amazon, minus a few tweaks). I love the cover even more than GREY, and that’s saying a lot.

Also in writing news, I’m proud to finally change my SCBWI membership to PAL status (Published and Listed). Which means I get 3 minutes to launch my book at our upcoming conference this weekend. Yay! And I get a table to do book signings. I’m nervous that I’ll have absolutely no one stop by my table, but I’m excited that I get to have a table at all. Baby steps.

Now off to work on MIDNIGHT. Gulp. Guess that means I need to come up with…you know…a plot.