Look at the pretty things I received in the mail this week from HarperCollins!












Yep,that’s right! Those are paperbacks. And I have to tell you, it was a weird feeling, holding that book for the first time. I suppose my story is a bit different than most traditionally published debut authors. For starters, my paperback isn’t actually available where I live.
I’m an American author with a publisher based in London, and my paperbacks are only going to be available in the United Kingdom. Yeah, it’s kinda weird, especially since most of my reader base is in the US. BUT, I’m hopeful that in the future that will change. Publishers and Amazon and all kinds of strange things do happen.
Until then, I’m going to be happy that I have this paperback, and I’m going to smile sweetly at all my friends across the pond and hope (plead, beg, grovel) that they pick up a copy. And while you wait, all you lovely American and worldwide readers, buy a copy of the digital book and I promise I’ll send you chocolate. Or, maybe not. I don’t have a budget for food items. But I’ll send you all my love and appreciation! 🙂