I may have mentioned that I’m a Whovian.

As in, I’ve been a fan since I was 12. As in, I’m one of those fortunate Americans who saw Tom Baker prancing around in that outrageous scarf on PBS late at night and fell in love with all things Doctor Who from then on.







Fast forward to now…

I’ve really enjoyed the reboot of the show, beginning with Christopher Eccleston’s excellent Ninth Doctor and continuing on through David Tennett and Matt Smith. And now, it’s Peter Capaldi’s time.

Now, let me just say, I did enjoy Matt Smith, to be sure. He was wonderful. But I was kind of done with the whimsy character and the weird love triangles and the like. And honestly, I was ready to move on from this “younger” Doctor. I was ready for something closer to what I liked about the Doctor…a true alien who loved the human race but couldn’t understand them, either. A Doctor who was weird and quirky and off-the-top, but also dark and serious and even angry at times. A Doctor who made you laugh but also intimidated you. A Doctor that made you actually believe he was ancient, while at the same time, completely fresh and exciting.

I decided I liked Capaldi’s Doctor in the first episode, definitely. But now, four episodes in, I adore him. I feel he’s finally comfortable in the Doctor’s skin now. And the way he handles the role is delightful to watch. (What a range of expressions and emotions!) I’m also glad to see the dynamic shift between the Doctor and Clara. In many ways, they remind me of the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane…and I like it. I like this depth of character. Greatly.

Peter Capaldi, you are definitely the Doctor. And I am thrilled that fans, both new and old, will get to travel through time and space aboard your TARDIS. Bravo, sir. Bravo.